Formal Living Rooms That Are Livable

By Jessica Ackerman

Adding a formal living room to a home brings along with it some sophistication and elegance, but since this type of room is frequently reserved for holidays and formal occasions, it is considered off limits for every day use. In a very large home there is ample room to have a space that is only used for special gatherings, but the homeowner of a smaller house does not have the luxury of setting an entire room aside for occasional use. A great solution is to design a formal living room that can be used every day, yet is elegant and sophisticated enough to serve as a formal living room for special gatherings.

Formal and Friendly

There are some key elements to consider when designing a room that needs to be functional and look elegant, beginning with the furniture. Find pieces that have a traditional style and are made of durable materials. The design of the furniture should also be comfortable and easy to maintain. For upholstered pieces look for fabrics that wear well, do not show the dirt and are stain resistant. Medium tone colors work best for upholstery, because it is light enough to keep the room from feeling too dark, yet it is dark enough to camouflage spots left behind by kids or pets. Many of the new synthetic fibers are very durable and resist spots. This type of fiber is fabricated to clean up quickly and be family friendly, so it is the perfect textile for a family friendly room.

Layout a Conversational Grouping

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When arranging the furniture in a formal, yet livable living room, arrange it in smaller conversational areas, like two chairs snuggled around the fireplace. Add a couple of loveseats perpendicular to each other anchored with an end table, or choose the same configuration with a sofa and a chair. Then add a coffee table, ottoman, lamps and accessories to make the space feel more personalized and individual. Bring in some formality with accessories for a more upscale room, like adding a grandfather clock or a chandelier to add a touch of class to the room.

Select a Sophisticated Color Scheme

Furniture with simple lines that would work in a casual setting can work equally well in a formal setting. In this case use the color palette of the room to create elegant surroundings. The upholstery on the furniture can be durable and the furniture itself can be sturdy, but when it is presented in a room full of luxurious color, it becomes instantly elegant. Throw pillows can be at once colorful and comfortable while adding a touch of elegance to the room. Then finish off the furnishings with classic pieces like a sofa table, bookcase, coffee table or end tables.

Elegant Window Treatments

An elegant living room will have quite sophisticated window treatments. By dressing up the windows in the room the space takes on an air of formality. Simple blinds or sheers are certainly appropriate and functional, but adding attractive curtains to the windows makes the room appear much more elegant. By adding layered window treatments, the blinds can function to block harsh afternoon sunlight from the room while the draperies can add some style.

Accentuate with Art

Another way to add an elegant feeling to any room is to hang attractive pieces of art on the walls, like paintings or prints. Look for frames that are a little more formal for the best presentation, and free standing artwork, like a table sculpture, is also a wonderful addition to an everyday formal living room.

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Trestle Tables High In Utility And Making The Best Use Of Unused Spaces Of Your Office

Trestle Tables High In Utility and Making The Best Use of Unused Spaces Of Your Office


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Are you are facing the issue of space crunch at your office or finding it difficult to accommodate new members into the teams due to unavailability of office space? Not to worry, since, these days, office furniture is being made with a view to utilise the best use of unused spaces of office. Moreover, they provide the office an attractive look which helps the office to build its image in the market.Also, you need to keep in mind of the requirements of individual employee since they are the main driving force behind the office and they spendmost part of the time of the day working there. Not only that, you need to consider the employee comfort factor as well since without that, they will not be able to put in extra efforts for the office. Also, you need to select completely different type of furniture for different parts of your office such as for the meeting rooms, reception area, working area, common utilities based on their average usage on daily basis. Furniture for the meeting/ conference room and reception area should be ornately furnished as compared to the furniture of working areas.

Trestle Tables

are very good option for the offices since they come both in bigger and smaller size depending upon where they are going to get used.

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Also, Trestle tables come in maple or walnut finish to make them look very attractive. Another benefit is that they can hold a lot of weight and can be used for long. Also, any office will be having lots of files and folders which are needed to keep safe for further reference or for auditing purpose. As the office is having space problem, anyone can use

Tambour door cupboard

to make extra space in the office andalso to hold the important files and folders. Since, they are made of metal and have locking facility hence they are also safe from theft and more secured. They require very less area of your office but provide large storing area to hold essentials. It can be made of wood or plastic or metal and varies in colour, size and usage.

You can use partitions to keep files or folders pertaining to different departments of the office. Also, they have height adjustable shelves so you can actually configure it depending upon the average height of the users. Roller sliding doors are also another added advantage since it enables to open the cabinet without any hitch by only applying a small amount of force. Tambour door cabinet can also be used in this regard to keep materials in office since it also provides the same facilities of keeping documents, files and folders safe for future. These days, there are a number of companies or websites which help you to make the correct selection of furniture for your office taking into consideration of office interior, image of the company as well as catering to the need. If you make them aware of your specified requirements, they can make your furniture of appropriate dimension and also provide them at your doorstep with long-term warranty.

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